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Executive Committee 

Vivian Drayton, MSW, LSW, President

Clarence Nelson, MSW, LSW, Vice President

Lois Hayman El, MSW, Recording Secretary

Barbara Davis, MSW, Tamar Riley,  MSW,  Corresponding Secretary

Selena Johnson, MSW, Treasurer

Julius Hayes, MSS/MLSP, LSW,  National Steering Committee Representative

Julianne James, MSW, LSW, Aging Committee Chair

Tamar Riley, MSW, LSW, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Chair

Dr. Virginia Smith, PhD, ACSW, LSW, Conference Committee  Co-Chair

Deborah McMillan, MSW, Conference Committee Co-Chair

Onaje Muid, MSW, LMHC, CASAC, FDCL, Constitution and By-Laws Committee Chair

​, MSW, Fundraising Committee Chair

​L. Garnett, MSW, LSW, Hospitality Committee Chair

​Aisha McMullin, MSW, Membership Committee Chair

​Lisa Christian, MSW, Social and Professional Development Committee Co-Chair

​, MSW, Social and Professional Development Committee Co-Chair

​Verdell Ganges, MSS, Member-at-Large


Thaddeus P. Mathis, PhD, MA, MSS, Chapter Elder

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